Eastern Himalayas

Situated in the Eastern Himalayas is one of the smallest states of the Indian Union. It prides the third higest Mt. Khangchendzonga which is also worshipped as the guardian deity of Sikkim. It is a paradise with snowy mountains, luxuriant forest, rhododendron splendor, pristine waterfalls, sacred lakes, holy caves, medicinal hotsprings, cascading rivers and gentle streams .It is a destinations for all season.

There are tours catering for everyone from those seeking solitude to the more adventurous or those seeking a leisure holiday.There are accomodations to suit every taste and budget. Sikkim has three major communities namely Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese as varied are they in their culture, tradition and cuisine, here you see them amalgamate in perfect harmony. Visitors can experience the true culture and traditions at our home stays and village resorts.
The drive itself is a thrilling experience along the curvaceous roads and its a haven for adventure lovers as one can go trekking, river rafting, angling, bird watching, mountain biking, rock-climbing and enjoy the mountain-flights. Come explore the land that is truely blessed by nature.

Sikkim Has Rich Bio-Diversity

Sikkim is one of the 26 biodiversity hot spots, a veritable treasure house of some of the world's most beautiful streams, lakes and waterfalls. The state has rich flora & fauna despite having only 0.22% land of the country.

Flowers Of Sikkim